About Us

Our jewelry studio is located at the center of Athens, Greece under the ancient Parthenon that gives us inspiration every day!

We design modern jewelry in rose gold, yellow gold white gold and sterling silver metals and we use ethically sourced diamonds and other precious gemstones.

All our jewelry are hand made or hand altered and most of them one of a kind.

We can also make any custom made jewelry upon request!

Our environment is very important to us, so we use recycled fine metals and humanely sourced gemstones in our work.

We also use green practices in running our business as much as possible.

We would like to leave as small a footprint in the ecosystem as we can and hope we can be a positive example for a better future.

Jewelry is our true passion, we love creating things that bring joy to people, that represent milestones, that make people laugh.

Working with people to make something that brings joy to their hearts makes it worth it to us!